The RealPark story

The idea for the RealPark project started with RealMachinery Oy’s need to find commercially and logistically suitable premises for its operations in a fast-developing location.  By far, the best location identified by the company was adjacent to Ideapark in the Marjamäki district of Lempäälä. The cohesive area has good transport links, serves the needs of various operators and provides opportunities for synergies and flexible development.

We combine excellent logistics, synergies and modern premises

Construction is already underway at RealPark, and UM Yhtiöt and RealMachinery Oy are set to begin operating in the area in January 2015. There are also ongoing negotiations with many other operators. RealPark is a new concept that is the only one of its kind in Finland. It allows businesses to combine operations such as online retail, logistics, warehousing and traditional retail on business premises of 50,000 m2 in an attractive retail hub in Pirkanmaa. RealPark will also have parking facilities for the businesses located there, as well as restaurants, premises for auctions, logistics and product launches, as well as an event staging area, all of which allow the businesses located at RealPark to use their own premises strictly for their core business operations.

If your company needs high-quality space that combines excellent logistics, synergies and modern premises, RealPark is the location for you. Contact us to get the negotiations started. If you reserve your premises now, we can customize them according to your specific, individual needs.

Join us at RealPark and power up your business!

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RealPark provides a wealth of new opportunities for your business operations.